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Federal Crop Insurance  | Ray Insurance Agency - Mt. Sterling, IL

Ray Insurance Agency understands what it means to work in the agricultural business. Being a farmer is hard work. Unfortunately, this hard work doesn’t always pay off. If you are a farmer and are taking substantial losses to your income and livelihood due to factors outside of your control, consider federal crop insurance.

Federal crop insurance is a program put into place to go to work for the agricultural workers and farmers. Losing entire harvests to hail or disease can be absolutely devastating. No crop yields no return. These types of situations that cannot be prevented are covered by federal crop insurance.

It’s the protection you need and deserve as a provider of food and agriculture. The program is federally subsidized to make it affordable, and it is easy to acquire by any farmer. Keeping farmers in work balances the agricultural standing of the country.

With Ray Insurance Agency's federal crop insurance program, you can expect:

• Affordable rates due to federal funding
• Individualized plans to fit each farmer
• Multiple Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI)
• Protection against crop loss
• Protection against fluctuating market prices

Ray Insurance Agency is on the side of agricultural workers and farmers. Our federal crop insurance program exists to ensure the livelihood of the agricultural force. If you are a farmer or agricultural worker in the Mt. Sterling, Illinois area, we urge you to strongly consider federal crop insurance today. Ray Insurance Agency is here to help ease the loss to farmers. Call or e-mail us today for a free consultation.